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First dinner with guest in West Ann Arbor on 10/23/10

Skate wing ceviche

Gỏi hến trộn mít non (baby clams & young jack fruit salad with rau om)

Hột vịt lộn

Thịt kho nước dừa (pork caramelized in coconut water in buttercup squash)

Cá kho trà (fish caramelized in barley tea in heart of gold squash)

Vịt tiềm (five-spice & medicinal herb duck soup in spaghetti squash)

Bún ốc (snail/whelk vermicelli soup)

Thơm sên nước dừa (pineapple cooked in coconut milk, served on tomato gel, topped with rau om)

Chè mùa thu (cốm (young rice), bamboo shoots cooked in coconut milk in sweet potato squash)

Honey-poached pears in muscat


  1. Quang Duong says:

    I can testify that the foods taste as good as or even better than they look. The best dish is Vit Tiem (with spaghetti squash)… It’s so inspiring that I am thinking about trying the technique with other noodle soups myself (even though I don’t cook well)!

  2. Everything’s looks delicious! Can I have your che com recipe? I have a pound of com from VN and have been wanting to do something cool with it!

    • Ngân ơi,

      I don’t have a real recipe for that dish yet, b/c the idea is still being worked out. What you saw in the picture was: cốm, măng, coconut milk, sugar in sweet potato squash. Cut out the top of the sweet potato squash, take out the seeds. Layer cốm & măng in alternate layers inside the squash. Mix coconut milk & sugar to taste, then add to the squash. Put the squash top back on, then bake at 375F for 1.5-2hrs, until the squash is soft. Take care not to fill the squash too much (about 2/3 is fine), b/c cốm will expand.

      That’s all. Feel free to experiment and let me know your ideas and results so I can learn from you 🙂

      btw, in case you are wondering why we used those ingredients: I wanted to have a dish that evokes autumn, and hence squash (the American fall harvest), cốm (what Ha Noi ppl often eat in the fall), and măng (from the line “thu ăn măng trúc, đông ăn giá” from Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm ‘s poem “Nhàn”)

  3. Will canned “mang” work? We love winter squash and I’ve been making soup with potimarron every week, but haven’t thought about baking something inside a squash. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love the story behind your squash dish. Hmm, speaking of gia, a bowl of rice and a plate of “gia xao gan ga” with a dash of pepper sound very good right now.

    • Gia’ xa`o gan ga` sounds awesome. I love gan ga`, but I love it most when lo`ng ga` is all combined together: gan, me^`, tim, etc. More often than not I can only buy a pack of 1 ingredient by itself only, and not just a few of the whole set… hmm…

  4. Yummy yummy…

    I’d love to see these pictures bigger, and center aligned in the post :D, they’d stand out much more as they deserve to…


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