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Orchard sushi


  1. Thank you for this!! I found your blog through Quang, and I really enjoyed this post. I must try this method, because I usually attempt to make broth the old fashioned way, and while it’s good, it takes sooooo long.

  2. Oops… it is obvious that I left the last comment in the wrong post! Sorry!

    Well, while I am here, I was also going to ask if you would share how you made Orchard Sushi?

    • Thanks for visiting, April! 🙂

      We are still playing around with this dish. It’s called “orchard sushi” because it’s a vegetarian dish that has sushi texture.

      The “fish” top: we vacuum-packed watermelon and cantaloupe pieces, froze them then thawed them several times to get the fish look and texture.

      The bottom: in this picture, we used steamed cassava and cơm rượu (fermented glutinous rice).

      In this experiment, we infused watermelon with ginger, cantaloupe with port and with jasmine extract (separately). Cassava was steamed with coconut milk and with miso (separately).

      The results were pretty good for the first experiment, so we definitely will revisit this in the future and you’ll see some versions of this dish on our future dinner menus 🙂

      • Thanks for this!! I will definitely try this!! I love the cantaloupe with port idea. I look forward to seeing more versions of this in the future!!

        Have you ever thought about char-grilling the watermelon? It can make for very interesting texture and beautiful color!

        • No, we haven’t thought about char-grilling. Thanks for the tip. We’ll try it next time we experiment with this dish.

          The port idea came from the fact that we love serving cantaloupe with port: cut the cantaloupe cross-wise, take out all the seeds, then just pour port in the hollowed middle and enjoy.

  3. As a side benefit – the vacuum squished and frozen melons give a lot of cold delicious melon juice when it’s thawed. Mmmm… watermelon ginger juice.


  1. […] and the pressing action from the atmosphere on the melons in vacuum bags is essential for our Orchard Sushi. The stability and convenience of vacuum packed and cooked food make our multi-course dinners […]