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Chè chuối (banana dessert)

working toward making chè chuối in a bite

1st spherification method:

2nd spherification method:



Now all we need is a crunchy sugary coat on these spheres to make them into chè chuối bites.


  1. One of my absolute favorite deserts of all time!!!! More more more!!

  2. Very intriguing. I’ve had a go playing with the spherification method not too long ago. So I’m assuming the ball is coconut right?

    • Hi Phuoc,

      We made che chuoi the normal way, then made the whole thing (coconut milk, tapioca and banana pieces) into a ball :)….It was just an idea. We didn’t like it so much (we couldn’t get a crunchy sugar shell on the balls), so we’ll try out other ideas some time soon.

      Thanks for stopping by.