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Tofu-misozuke: update #2

Quick update on our tofu-misozuke experiments:

– Yellow miso tofu-misozuke is completely creamy now, after 2 months. Everyone who has tasted it so far loved it, both for the texture and the taste. We are very happy with how this batch turned out.

– The tofu block that was aged with brown organic miso is slightly softer now, but it is still pretty hard and dry. We’ll let this run for another few months to see if it will become creamy.

– Both Lamp and I started new batches (in MI and CA) last night:

  • My batch experimented with different kinds of tofu:
  1. soft (silken),
  2. medium firm
  3. firm

Due to feedback from a friend who was bothered by the saltiness of our current batch, I decided to use less miso mix to cover the tofu blocks. I ended up using 3/4 of the miso mix, so I’ll add another tofu block to this batch tonight. This extra block will be incubated with miso mix and minced lemongrass to see if we can create tofu-misozuke with lemongrass flavor.

  • From the same complaint, Lamp decided to experiment with different levels of salt in the miso mix. After surveying the kinds of miso available, Lamp also decided that varying the amount of miso marinade would be the most efficient way to control the salt level, if the low marinade samples would cooperate and not spoil. Rough calculations w/ many assumptions led to an estimate of 3.5% aqueous phase sodium in the original recipe. Lamp varied miso marinade amounts to yield tofu misozuke blocks with 2.75, 3, 3.25 and 3.5% sodium.

We’ll post again next month on how these batches turn out. Stay tuned!

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