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Tofu-misozuke: update #3

Worried that the remainder of our first batch of tofu-misozuke wouldn’t be enough for us this weekend, I decided to check on my 2nd batch even though it has only been a little bit over 2 weeks (see update #2)…and I am glad I did.

The tofu-misozuke made from soft (silken) tofu was already creamy! And it has a nice, subtle soybean flavor in addition to the miso taste. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. Turned out a thin layer of miso was sufficient. The saltiness level seems to be about the same as the one from the first batch. Let’s hope Lamp’s batch will give us different results in terms of saltiness.

The tofu-misozuke made from medium firm tofu was soft and smooth, but not creamy yet. It also has a nice, subtle soybean flavor similar to the soft block described above.

The one made from firm tofu was still very tofu-like and crumbly.

The one made with lemongrass (firm tofu), of course was as crumbly as the plain one, but did have a hint of lemongrass, which was a nice complement to miso. I can’t wait until this block is ready to eat!