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Memorial weekend BBQ

Select photos from the dishes we brought to a BBQ this weekend. Vegan dishes were first to go on the grill:

  • Squash blossoms stuffed with coconut flesh smeared with miso-sake-mirin sauce
  • Miso-glazed tofu
  • Vegan burgers: edamame, chickpeas, olive oil, shiitake and tree oyster mushrooms

Squash blossoms, coconut misozuke

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A recipe for tofu-misozuke

We’re at an odd place in our development of the tofu-misozuke recipe. After 2 years, lots of web searches, several scientific papers, 1 partially translated 18th century manuscript, and more failures than we can count, we are finally having steady enough success to keep our fridge well stocked with the oenophilic snack that’s been our obsession since our introduction to it. On the other hand, there are enough random inconsistencies that we don’t have a recipe we’re absolutely happy with yet (and hence the several tofu misozuke experiments we have run and are setting up). On the third hand, things do not go awry often enough that we can reproduce the problems and pin them down.

Our very first encounter with tofu misozuke (aged for 6 months), Tokyo 2009

So when a reader asked us for the tofu misozuke recipe, the 2 of us debated whether we were ready to share it. Ultimately, we decided to stick with open sourcing not only in the finished products but also in development. What follows is our current recipe:
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A morel!

Alas, mushroom hunting was harder than I thought! I signed up for a morel mushroom hunting class thinking I could get a couple of small paper bags of morels, enough to do a few experiments to really understand morels’ flavor and texture. After an afternoon roaming the woods with my eyes glued to the ground, I came home with a single morel:


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Spring fragrance

“You flaunted the fragrance of your blossoms” (Lilacs by Amy Lowell)

The lilac tree by the side of our house is in bloom and definitely has been flaunting the sweet fragrance at us every time we walked by. We really couldn’t help ourselves and had to find ways to capture this fragrance of spring in our cooking.


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Strawberries & Guava-Cognac/GrandMarnier gelée = +2 Wooing

Strawberry season is here (at least in the U.S. :D): those plump and luscious fruits are ubiquitous at farmers’ markets these days and are incredibly irresistible. We were intrigued by the combination of guava and strawberry flavors, but how should we combine them? I used to make for Bird my Desserts of +2 Wooing (that’s a roleplaying game joke) of chocolate dipped strawberries filled with Grand Marnier. Bird loved them, and we haven’t had them in a while, so we decided to revisit that format for our experiment.

Strawberry filled with guava and Grand Marnier gelée

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