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Tofu-misozuke: time course experiment – month 1 update

First result from tofu misozuke time course experiment is in! Beautiful, soft, creamy and flavorful tofu misozuke from soft tofu after 1 month of incubation:

1 month aged tofu-misozuke

1 month aged tofu-misozuke

The cheesecloth really helped to make unwrapping tofu-misozuke mess-free. It also gave tofu misozuke a nice textile pattern. As expected, this tofu was quite creamy. However, the very middle of the block was not quite as creamy as the outside: the texture was somewhere between silken tofu and creamy cheese. It’ll be interesting to see what 2 month aged tofu-misozuke from soft tofu will be like.

It was great to see we were able to cut the salt level down to a much more acceptable level. Perhaps a little bit too much, though, because I thought the taste lacked the depth that the previous saltier batches had. Anyways, it means we now have a floor for salt level and are getting closer to that perfect recipe for this dish.

This is so exciting! Really can’t wait to get results from other time points in the next few months!!! (It’s definitely great to have a steady supply of tofu-misozuke :). Can’t wait until we scale up and are able to share this yummy dish with you!)