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Spring fragrance

“You flaunted the fragrance of your blossoms” (Lilacs by Amy Lowell)

The lilac tree by the side of our house is in bloom and definitely has been flaunting the sweet fragrance at us every time we walked by. We really couldn’t help ourselves and had to find ways to capture this fragrance of spring in our cooking.


We wanted to infuse lilac scent into these ingredients by adding lilacs to jars of salt, sugar and honey.

10 grams each of lilacs were added to 100 grams of sea salt, sugar, or honey. The jars were shaken to mix well after pictures were taken. We will report back in a couple of weeks.

Lilac fragrance blended well with sticky rice (see flavored sticky rice), but the scent was on the subtle side.

And last but not least, we loved the addition of lilacs in chè bưởi (pomelo dessert).

Chè bưởi topped with coconut milk and lilacs

Lilacs were added in place of hoa cau (areca nut palm flowers, traditionally added to chè bưởi in Vietnam) to lend its sweet floral scent on top of the pomelo flavor.


  1. For some reason I’ve never thought about using lilacs for cooking. They have the clear benefit of having large bunches of flowers, much easier to gather a reasonable amount than, say, violets. Those pictures look lovely. :->

    • Thanks for the vist and comments, Maija. That’s a good point we forgot about lilacs. A healthy plant will just have ludicrous amounts of flowers concentrated in easy to harvest bunches. Also, the early returns on lilac honey were delicious!