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A morel!

Alas, mushroom hunting was harder than I thought! I signed up for a morel mushroom hunting class thinking I could get a couple of small paper bags of morels, enough to do a few experiments to really understand morels’ flavor and texture. After an afternoon roaming the woods with my eyes glued to the ground, I came home with a single morel:


It was definitely exciting to see this mushroom poking out of the forest floor. However, my experiments will have to wait until I have better luck and better mushroom spotting skills.

With a single morel, I decided to stick with the common method of preparation: sautéed in butter. Lamp and I have a tradition of eating eggs for brunch on Sundays, so I decided to top my scramble eggs (trứng bác) with sautéed morel slices. A few slices are shown below:

I was impressed with the nutty, earthy and mushroomy flavor of morel. I usually don’t like cooking with butter but in this case, butter complemented morel flavors really well! In terms of texture, the cap slices were soft while the stem slices were crunchier. I didn’t think it worked that well with eggs. Really wished I had more morels to play with!

The morel I took home was of quite big and since it was hollow inside, it’d have been fun to play with various stuffing combinations had I found more than 1 morel. Oh well, crab-stuffed morels will need to wait until I get better at spotting mushrooms on the forest floor. Wish me luck on my upcoming morel mushroom hunting trips! 😀


  1. That is one sexy morel, Oanh. It seems quite big!

    • Heheheh…thanks, Ngan. Yeah, it was quite big. Its width was about the size of 2 of my fingers put together. I was quite happy to get it. Now I am hooked on mushroom hunting (despite the frustration of being able to find only 1 morel after 3 hours of searching). The joy of coming upon a mushroom in the forest was just incredible.

  2. Hey that’s so cool. I saw dried morels sold in the WholeFoods near my apt for the first time today and they were so expensive. So nice that you could find your own ones :).

    • Yeah, morels are always so expensive. That’s why we hadn’t cooked with it at all before that mushroom hunting trip. We are still trying to learn more about mushroom hunting, though. Haven’t been able to find more morels yet, unfortunately. We’ll keep at it until the mushroom gods smile upon us.