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Memorial weekend BBQ

Select photos from the dishes we brought to a BBQ this weekend. Vegan dishes were first to go on the grill:

  • Squash blossoms stuffed with coconut flesh smeared with miso-sake-mirin sauce
  • Miso-glazed tofu
  • Vegan burgers: edamame, chickpeas, olive oil, shiitake and tree oyster mushrooms

Squash blossoms, coconut misozuke

Our love affair with squash blossoms continues. We ran to the farmers’ market first thing in the morning to get our pick of the freshest and plumpest blossoms. This flavor combination worked well, but we still preferred the textural contrast provided by tofu misozuke in our previous iteration.


Grilled miso-glazed tofu

Yummy, easy to eat appetizer. Grilling tofu took some skills and patience.


Our first attempt at making vegan burgers. Shiitake fragrance combined with edamame and chickpeas savoriness stood its ground against traditional burgers. We still want to work on the texture of these vegan burgers.


Meat dishes were next:

  • Ginger-garlic-soy sauce marinated duck gizzards wrapped in tía tô (shiso)
  • Salted kumquat quails grilled on a bed of mint leaves
  • Kalbi (not pictured; food coma started settling in)
  • Beef burgers (not pictured; same reason, only more so)


Grilled duck gizzards wrapped in tía tô Vietnamese shiso)

Grilled duck gizzards had unique texture: crunchy and meaty. We were glad to have our home-made vacuum marinating equipment when we tasted how the marinade penetrated throughout the thick gizzard tissues within a couple of hours.


salted kumquat quails on bed of mint leaves

Our personal favorite of the afternoon. Our previous iterations were with chicken thighs, but we were very impressed with how well aged salted kumquat flavor worked with quails. This will be the version of this dish going forward.

Grilled salted kumquat quails

Our vacuum equipment once again made sure every bite was full of the complex fragrance of aged salted kumquats.



After a long break, we finally could think about dessert: Strawberries filled with guava/Grand Marnier gelée

strawberries filled with guava/Grand Marnier gelee

Three of these plates were gone in minutes, despite complaints of having had too much food.



  1. kachingkazoo says:

    These look (and read) amazing. How easy is it to buy squash blossoms? I haven’t checked out the farmers market near where I live yet, but my impression is that it’s not that easy….

    • Thanks, Kaching Kazoo 🙂

      Not sure about NYC. We were always able to find squash blossoms at the farmers’ market in Ann Arbor but they were small and expensive. The ones in MV farmers’ market are a lot bigger and cheaper. Usually, there’s only 1 vendor at each of those 2 farmers’ markets that sells these squash blossoms…not sure why.