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Recuperating dinner: duck noodle soup

Cooking and good food are therapeutic to me. So what better way to recuperate from a bad cold than a home-cooked dinner with piping hot noodle soup topped with lots of pepper and scallion! And of course, 1-dish meal is never enough for me, so I ended up making a 3-course dinner.

Gỏi and bún măng vịt dinner (duck salad & noodle soup dinner)

Appetizer: grilled lamb nem accompanied with rau răm (Vietnamese coriander)

Salad: Gỏi vịt (duck & banana blossom salad) & nước mắm gừng (ginger fish sauce dipping sauce)

Main: Bún măng vịt (duck & bamboo shoot vermicelli noodle soup)


  1. I would feel better after that delicious looking meal!

    • Heheh…thanks, Mike. It was great to be able to play in the kitchen and taste flavors again!

  2. Wow, you can cook all that after just getting over a cold? You’re amazing! When I’m sick, I don’t even want to get out of bed to pour myself some water, thus I make myself even more sick. 🙁

    • Hi Mai, well, I started feeling better already at that time. Before that, I did feel so sick that I really wished I could have someone cook for and bring food to me. When I felt better, I really missed cooking and missed flavorful food after 4 days of food tasting like cardboard. Plus, cooking is therapeutic to me 🙂