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SF Street Food Festival voting & a give-away

We are so excited. Just as we finalized our nem chua packaging, we found out about the SF Street Food Festival. The timing cannot get any better: Nem Chua is the quintessential Vietnamese street food.

3 different packs of nem

We’re especially proud of our all natural Nem Chua. Do you know anyone who makes Nem Chua without the powder? We don’t, instead we know plenty of people who have given up delicious, addictive Nem because of the opaque chemical curing process. It took a lot of research and experimentation to retrieve the traditional way of making Nem, with only ground beef, pork skin, sugar, salt, and spices. We’d really love to be able to share Nem Chua with Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese alike at this festival.

But we need your help! We can only participate in the festival if we are in the top 4 among interested small businesses. Please go to and vote for Rau Om (4th entry from the top). To vote: you need to log in with your Facebook account by clicking on the link at the top of the page before the vote button becomes clickable.

Please help us by getting your friends to vote as well (you don’t have to be in SF to vote). Please vote early! We only have about 7 days to get into the top 4. Decision will be announced on July 29th.

Please vote and then leave a comment in this post. We’ll select a winner through a random drawing for a complimentary pack of nem if we get selected to join the street food festival 🙂

Rau Om_Nem Chua

Thank you so much and hope we will be able to post about our experience at the Street Food Festival.


  1. OD ơi,

    How I wish I could be there. Oi oi oi.

    I’ll give you all the votes I have to give 🙂

    Have a wonderful one, OD.


    • Thanks so much, Xuan. I’ll have to figure out a way to send nem outside of the US soon 🙂

  2. Just voted…Can’t wait to place my order of nem chua 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynn….It’ll be very soon. Shopping cart is scheduled to go up next Monday (and there will be another give-away for that occasion 🙂

  3. Great idea to bring it to SF street food fest! I voted for you. Should I make multiple facebook accounts and vote multiple times? 😀

    • Hahaha….Mai oi, you are too funny. I am going to abstain from answering that question 😉

  4. Longlive Nem Chua!:)
    Go chị Oanh & Rauom!!!!

  5. I just casted my vote. I need to order me some nem chua!

  6. Just voted – good luck Chi Oanh and Anh Dang! Can’t wait to try some of this delicious nem chua!

  7. Voted for you guys. The nem chua is delicious, good luck!

  8. good luck, i voted for u guys!

  9. Peg Steinmann says:

    Can’t wait to try Nem Chua. Voted for you. Best of luck from the midwest flyover country.

  10. miam miam! two votes from lyon! good luck Oanh & Dang!

    • Thank you, Ngan & Józef! Will we get some votes from Albuquerque, too? ;)…good luck with your move

  11. Good luck! Maybe I can get a lesson from you when I’m in town in a few weeks! =)

  12. I love nem chua! I hope you are winning so I can come visit your table at the festival! Just voted for you!

    • Thank you so much, Trang! Keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to meeting you!

  13. Alexander says:

    Voted for you.

    AHA should do another food hacking potluck soon.

    • Yeah, definitely I was wondering about that – haven’t heard of a hacking event in a while. Will be there if I can swing it.

  14. I’ll order some nem for sure. But it doesn’t hurt to enter for some more FREE nem hehe. I voted!

  15. Michele says:

    Dear Dang: is this like head cheese or spam? I haven’t tried nem yet. I am a hardcore carnivore and look forward to your version some day! Best, Michele

    • Thanks, Michele! Nem is made of lean ground beef, so I guess it’s more like Spam and not as chunky as headcheese. That said, the texture is pretty different from spam, not as structurally soft, and with a slight snap even.

  16. you two are the greatest food hackers I have met. I love love love your style of nerdiness + delicious + pretty effin weird. <3

    • Thanks, Amanda! Here’s to having more opportunities to pretty effin weirding you out! And soon!

  17. đúng là rất hấp dẫn từ cách trình bày.

    • Cảm ơn Nga nhiều! Lúc đầu Oanh & Đăng cũng chỉ gói bằng lá chuối theo kiểu nem mình thấy ở Việt Nam, nhưng không vừa ý lắm. Tìm tòi 1 hồi thì nghĩ ra cách gói lá chuối bên trong và gói giấy bên ngoài để thấy sạch sẽ và sang hơn 🙂

  18. Oops. English a.
    Delicious and 10 marks for presentation.

  19. Hi Oanh & Dang,

    The Nem looks sooo yummy! I have been craving for Nem chua, nem chua nướng for years but barely dare to eat them because of all these unknown ingredients they put in. Thanks for keeping that so Vietnamese and delicious streetfood dish alive. All the best for the business!!! When can I order it online?

    P.S: I’m a friend of your friend 🙂

    • Hi Hằng,

      Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. Yes, I totally understand what you mean. That same wariness drove us to researching and experimentation to be able to make safe, high quality nem for ourselves in the first place. The shopping cart is live now. Only beef nem is available at this point. Lamb nem will be available in 2 weeks, so please check back.