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Check out our posters for the upcoming Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market

We are so excited to get these cute posters from our talented designer Hue Nguyen. Look for these when you visit the Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market this weekend (and enjoy them here if you can’t stop by)

Tofu misozuke poster

And we are particularly in love with this cutie!

Dairy-free mice poster

A reminder: stop by our booth at the Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market in downtown Sunnyvale (Murphy Ave @ Washington) between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays starting from this Saturday November 5th for yummy and rare delicacies.


  1. They’re cute indeed! 😉 Have fun on Saturday! Wish you would do it in Berkeley! 😛

    • Heh…let’s hope we’ll get to the expansion stage at some point to make that a reality.
      For now, there’s the Caltrain, you know 😛

      • How was the first day at the FM? Will you guys be there every week?

        • Thanks, Mai, for asking. FM was fun, despite being a cold day (and thus the FM was quite slow). We did pretty well despite all the glitches of the first day. We got pretty busy and didn’t take many pictures as we had planned. Oh well.

          Yep, we’ll be there every Saturday. We might be at the California Ave market in Palo Alto on Sundays, too. Will let you know once we get confirmation 🙂

  2. Félicitations on your first market stand ! You guys make me think of the couple who used to sell us beets at “our” market in Lyon :). How did people respond to tofu misozuke and nem chua?

    • Thanks, Ngan! Heheheh…how do we remind you of that couple? Are they as crazy as us? 🙂

      People liked tofu misozuke and nem chua. We did pretty close to what we expected, despite it being a slow market day. A Japanese woman tried tofu misozuke and said that it reminded her of what her grandmother used to make. That comment made our day! :D. People also loved lamb nem (including Ethan, NT’s adorable 2-yr old son…he kept asking for more!).

      I need to find a way to send you these products one of these days.