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End-of-the-year update

It’s been an eventful few months at Rau Om, hence our lack of posting on the blog. But we have exciting developments to tell you about:

  • The food blog turned 1 year old in October.
  • We started selling tofu misozuke and nem chua at Sunnyvale and Palo Alto farmers’ markets and online in early November.
  • The response to tofu misozuke has been tremendous – we sell out regularly at the farmers’ markets and aside from the great feedback, we love getting into interesting conversations about food with our customers. We were so excited when we first had tofu misozuke and it’s incredibly gratifying to see that excitement reflected when others tasted our tofu misozuke for the first time.
  • Then the big one: we were featured in the December 2011 installment of Zingerman’s Culinary Adventure Society, which meant making, packaging, and shipping hundreds of tofu misozuke pieces to be sent to foodies around the country. Zingerman’s world-class deli is a treasured part of our time in Ann Arbor, so it was especially exciting to work with them. Brad Hedeman of Zingerman’s Mail Order also wrote a lengthy essay on our quest for tofu misozuke, the most ego-boosting part of which we’re shamelessly reproducing below:
    Zingerman’s Culinary Adventure Society December 2011 excerpt

    We learned a lot trying to work out the logistics of such a large order, especially with less than one employee (time-wise. Oanh is not missing any limbs or organs.)

  • We served lamb nem chua and tofu misozuke to rave reviews at the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network holiday fundraiser in early December. That was a lot of fun – we made new friends and discovered an interesting space and community. Wish we had time to share our music with them, but we were too busy serving food.
  • Tofu misozuke has been well-received by food journalists; check out our new Press page for quotes and links to reviews.
  • This just in: we’re expanding beyond the South Bay – East Bay residents can now get our tofu misozuke from the Sacred Wheel Cheese and Specialty Market at 4935 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609. Come get tofu misozuke from Jena & co. to make us look good!

Phew – and that was just in the last 2 months. Looking back on this list, no wonder we were quiet on the blogging front.

Looking forward, exciting things are afoot for 2012. We’re exploring uncharted territories with a pipeline of new flavors for tofu misozuke and nem chua. We’re also looking to get tofu misozuke into more stores and restaurant kitchens. Can’t wait to see tofu misozuke in its natural habitat next to a cup of sake or sochu. Also excited to see it conquer new niches like the cheese shelves. Let us know if you have any leads.

Between the two of us and fun adventures in the kitchen that we regularly blogged about are a full time job, a dissertation, a fledgling side business, not to mention the distance between Michigan and California and the sad state of tele-tasting and tele-smelling technology. Sadly we will not be able to blog as regularly as we did or wish to. But we’ll try our best to find time for explorations in the kitchen to share with you. In the meantime, please follow Rau Om’s development on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy New Year!



  1. Congratulations, Oanh and Đăng!!! I am so impressed with how hard you work and how much you have achieved in just one year.