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Rau Om learns to wrap bánh tét : A video

That’s right, folks, Rau Om enters the cutting edge world of moving pictures with a short kinematographic post to Youtube.

The days before Tết are a frenzy of food preparations, including wrapping and cooking bánh tét if one’s from Southern Vietnam. This past Tết season, we went home and learned from Mom a more efficient way to wrap than what was previously described in our previous bánh tét post.

The music included in the video is “Improvisations in the Spring Mode” by our music teacher, the amazing master musician Nguyễn Vĩnh Bảo.


  1. How long should the first piece of cooking twine be?

    • About 5-6 times the length of the eventual banh tet – so it can go around the lengths 4 times and then some.

  2. Mmmmm…. love the sound of the zither. 🙂 It’s like watching one of those documentary films about the Mekong delta. 😀

    • Wait… was it dan tranh or dan nhi? My ears are so bad….

      • This is a dan tranh. You can tell by the fact that each note has a similar attack and decay pattern. Dan nhi is a fiddle (“an instrument to make music by dragging a horse’s hair across a dead cat’s gut”, Ambrose Bierce) and the notes can have indefinite sustain or very abrupt decay.