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Tofu Misozuke Goes Over the Mountains and Down to the Sea

The reason for our title above: we’re excited to be at New Leaf Community Markets starting from April 1st, making our tofu misozuke locally available to Santa Cruz and surrounding communities:

More to be added when confirmed.

But wait, there’s more!

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Tofu misozuke update #6 – Rooibos-miso marinade

Here we report on some preliminary experiments to drive the speciation of tofu misozuke into heretofore unexplored habitats – we’re trying out new ingredients to add to the basic miso marinade. We experimented with yuzu, shiitake, and rooibos. Yuzu and shiitake both came from the native habitat of tofu misozuke. Rooibos is a red tea made from plants native to South Africa. We were blown away by this last, non-terroir based combination. Tofu miso-rooibos-zuke was fragrant with contributions from both ingredients, and the flavor was rich in umami from miso and a sweetness from the rooibos. Not bad for a flavor dreamed up while sipping rooibos tea!

Tofu miso-rooibos-zuke - sampled then split in half so each of us could get a delicious piece.

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