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Amazake (sweet fermented rice drink)

You’ll fall in love with amazake at first sip, as we did at an off-the-beaten-path teahouse in mountainous Hakone. Amazake is a sweet, fragrant, and nourishing drink made from malted rice. While it is traditionally served in Japan as a belly-warming concoction for cold winter days, amazake is just as delightful served chilled.


White rice amazake stock

The sweetness in amazake is derived from the actions of probiotic microorganisms that break rice starch down to simpler sugars. In the process, the drink gains an earthy base and ambrosial overtones that elevate the scent of fragrant rice into something that must be experienced in real life.

White rice amazake follows the traditional Japanese preparation method: cooked white rice is mixed with koji and incubated for 14 hours. The base amazake stock is then diluted with water, boiled and served with ginger.

Nếp than (black "Emporor" rice) amazake

Black “Emperor” rice amazake is a unique product from Rau Om test kitchen. Black rice amazake needs a much longer incubation period (up to 48 hours), but the resulting concoction is so effortlessly sweet and fragrant, it is best to drink this creation without additional flavoring.