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Nem chua (Vietnamese-style beef/lamb terrine)

A nem chua package (thanks to Chef Neil for the picture!)

Be forewarned: nem chua is addictive! Each bite of nem chua pleasures your taste buds with an interfusion of tartness, sweetness, a range of spiciness (toasted white pepper, raw garlic and red hot chili) and a peppery bite of Vietnamese coriander. The texture is repeating fractal of surface snaps and inner chewiness from the overall meat as well as the interspersed pork skin. Additionally, the curing period in banana leaves imparts a distinct aroma in the final product.

You can enjoy our nem chua being assured that it is made from all natural ingredients. While nem chua could be found with relative ease in any large Vietnamese community, we decided to make our own in order to have complete control over ingredient sourcing. We researched extensively on the ingredients used in our nem chua and went through numerous experiments in order to create flavorful and tasty nem chua from natural ingredients we understood.

A little bit of (sourness + sweetness + spiciness + garlickiness + herbiness + crunchiness + chewiness) = a lot of yumminess

Beef nem chua (Vietnamese-style beef terrine) is a more traditional type of nem chua made from twice ground leanest eye-round cuts. It is best enjoyed uncooked with Vietnamese coriander, garlic and chili slices and washed down with a cold beer.

dsc_0638-600x398Lamb nem chua (Vietnamese-style lamb terrine) is a unique product from Rau Om test kitchen. We recommend enjoying it grilled since the distinctive lamb aroma lies mostly in the marbling and is brought out by grilling. The marriage of lamb flavors to the sweet tartness of nem chua curing is such an unusual pairing that it will delight even the most well-travelled gastronome.