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In the kitchen

While the blog is the sandbox where you can read about our playful cooking experiments in minute details, “In the Kitchen” is the display case where finished dishes are thoughtfully organized into coherent menus. This is where you can find a summary of our thoughts and findings in the kitchen:

  • Pictures and menus from select meals. We love cooking elaborate dinners for our friends’ gatherings and we have also catered special occasions for our families. Our meals tend to be a synthesis of dishes recently worked on for the blog, so you can see them all together in a larger context.
  • Our attempts to articulate some operating principles in Vietnamese cooking. Other websites do a much better job describing classic recipes than we can. Instead, we will write about the common threads that link Vietnamese dishes, and food philosophies that distinguish Vietnamese cooking. With this approach, we hope to entice you to join us in improvising and cooking up innovative Vietnamese meals wherever you are with whatever ingredients are locally available.