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Sept 2010 housewarming dinner

We had a bit too much fun putting this dinner together. The dishes on the left were made from traditional recipes and methods. The dishes on the right were our takes on the traditional dishes on the left.

  • Vietnamese coriander tea: clarified Vietnamese coriander soup (technique: agar clarification)
  • Grapefruit: an early iteration of our own version of pomelo salad; a infused pomelo section was all there was on each guest’s plate
  • Field crab-infused tofu wrap: Tofu was infused with field crab flavor using our DIY vacuum equipment and was wrapped with kinh gioi (Vietnamese lemon balm). We are still experimenting with bún riêu (field crab noodle soup) and will post when we get to a yummy stage. Stay tuned!
  • Roast beef: Our shorthand for an early version of our phở-flavored beef