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Read about Rau Om’s quest for rare delicacies and forgotten recipes


August 2012

Miso Happy: Mindbendingly Delicious Tofu by Posie Harwood

We’ve always put tofu and triple-crème cheese in different categories. But then we tasted miso-cured, butter-textured tofu misozuke, and the categories melted away… Vegan health food for cheese lovers? This is the Holy Grail.

 from The Tasting Table


Beyond Vegan Foie Gras: Tasting Tofu Misozuke by Dana Velden

It’s been called “vegan cheese,” “vegan butter,” even “vegan foie gras.” While I suppose there’s some (delicious) truth in those statements, I think tofu misozuke is amazing stuff on its own, without all the animal-product based comparisons.

from The Kitchn


June 2012

Rau Om’s Tofu Misozuke as Highlights and Best Bites from the 2012 Summer Fancy Food Show:
Two Worlds of Soy Collide by Akiko Minaga

The strong, pungent flavor of tofu misozuke is less like tofu and actually more like cheese or paté… If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out –  you’ll be amazed at how something so rich, savory, and creamy could come from tofu.

– from The Nichibei Weekly / Soy and Tofu Festival Booklet


May 2012

What’s New: miso-cured tofu by Carolyn Jung

It’s salty, powerfully savory, as unctuous as foie gras and as spreadable as softened butter.

– from San Francisco Chronicles


Accidental Tourists by Karen Petersen

Mix together one part doctorate in cancer biology, one part high-tech strategist and two parts foodie, and, serendipitously, you get tofu misozuke, an ancient Japanese fermented tofu which is traditionally enjoyed in small tastes with a glass of sake.

– from Good Times


April 2012

Tofu Misozuke in Silicon Valley by Stett Holbrook

Take a bite, and it is difficult to believe you are eating tofu. For vegans, misozuke is the ultimate cheese replacement. Meat eaters would be hard pressed to find something so creamy and rich.

– from Metro Silicon Valley /


February 2012

Tofu Misozuke: Q & A with Dang Vu of Rau Om Foods by Andrea Nguyen

I’d read about the Japanese preserved “tofu cheese” in Elizabeth Andoh’s Washoku cookbook and seen it in Tofu Hyaku Chin, a 1782 bestseller in Japan. Alas, I hadn’t tasted it yet. It the world of Asian tofu, tofu no miso-zuke (how Elizabeth spelled it) is somewhat esoteric stuff….Dang and Oanh’s achievements and tofu endeavor speak to the opportunities of living in America in the 21st century.

– from Viet World Kitchen


January 2012

Vegan Foie Gras or Vegan Cheese? Tofu Misozuke From Rau Om by Chow Vegan

But it is creamy, rich with an intense flavor and savory with umami galore

 – from Chow Vegan


Veggietorials’ review of tofu misozuke by Veggietorials

The flavor profile is so deep, you could drown in it, so go easy. Slice into the small block and it has the creamy, buttery texture of a pate. A mere mortal block of tofu has been transformed into an umami wrapped, velvet tongue taste delight…Rau Om has created a delicacy that is unique enough to stand on it’s own without pretending to be anything else.

– from Veggietorials


December 2011

Zingerman’s Culinary Adventure Society December 2011 excerpt by Brad Hedeman

Zingerman’s Culinary Adventure Society December 2011 excerpt


Vegan Foie Gras: Rau Om’s Tofu Misozuke Matches Tastiness With Principles by Ben Narasin

“The resulting block is similar in consistency to a thick chevre and eminently spreadable…The initial taste is quite similar to the dense, almost unctuous, richness of foie, but then the miso umami character quickly blossoms…”

– from SFoodie


Rau Om’s mind-blowing new vegan cheese; you must try! by Laura Beck

“Creamy, pungent, expensive-tasting, “real” cheese.”

– from vegansaurus!


The Best Last Minute Local Foodie Christmas Gifts by Laura Beck

“…an amazing dairy cheese alternative…”

– from SFoodie


Tofu Misozuke: The Modern Re-Birth of an Ancient, Forgotten Dish by Charlotte Shantel Simpliciano

“Have you had a dish so complex, so unique, that it teased, then nagged at your memory…for three years?”

– from Freshforthought blog (Real Time Farms Food Warrior)


November 2011

Tofu misozuke – the vegan cheese by Mai Truong

“A wise man would enjoy tofu misozuke alone with an ochoko of sake, and let his senses fly.”

– from Flavor Boulevard


Cookbooks and Tofu by VegNews Magazine

“Staff Pick: The miso-cured, two-month-aged tofu”

– from VegNews’s This Just In blog


September 2011

Dinner with Rau Om by Mai Truong

“…fine dining without the frilly designed plates, the crisp white napkins, and the pompous lighting. Each of the twelve courses has just enough twists to wow us while retaining enough familiarity to comfort us. “

– from Flavor Boulevard


August 2011

All-natural nem by Rau Om – Rediscovering the Vietnamese meat curing art by Mai Truong

“…a quick hint of sourness, one paper thin slice of garlic and another of cayenne pepper still smell crisp, and the grease from the pork skin and the beef keep all of those flavors linger on the tongue. “

– from Flavor Boulevard


July 2011

Small Business Winners of SF Street Food Festival Contest Announced by Liz and Brian C

“It’s about driven entrepreneurship. “

– from I Left My Cart In San Francisco