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Dipping sauce recipe for Vietnamese fresh spring rolls (Tương chấm gỏi cuốn)

When a reader’s request for a recipe for spring roll dipping sauce came in, I knew exactly what I wanted to share: my Mom’s handwritten recipe for the sauce.

It’s taken from the recipe book she prepared for me when I had to cook for myself for the first time (summer after freshman year in college). It was a great stroll down the memory lane to see such specific instructions for very simple dishes in that notebook. Also, note the stains on the page…I definitely relied on this recipe book for quite a while 🙂

The Vietnamese recipe is in the photo, followed by English translation and our additional notes after the link:

Handwritten recipe for spring roll dipping sauce recipe

Spring roll dipping sauce recipe, handwritten by Mom

Continue reading for English translation of the recipe and our additional tweaks