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Anniversary Mega-Post: At RyuGin, the Most Amazing Meal

We can’t believe it’s been a year already – I’d say what a long strange trip it’s been, but we’ve only just disembarked! We thank you sincerely for visiting us and for adding your thoughtful comments to our posts. There are more recipes along the way we’re very excited to share, and beyond those there is still a barely explored world of ingredients and techniques. We’ll keep at producing dishes like you’ve always and/or never had; hope you’ll keep coming back to check them out.

Imo sochu / sweet potato spirits, on the rocks, with a dash of oolong tea at Izakaya Tokinoma

But first, on this occasion, we’d like to look back at a very memorable trip we took, and a mind-blowing meal encountered thereon. This was the trip where we first encountered tofu-misozuke and amazake, explored the Japanese drinking-food scene (izakaya), and ate an astonishing meal prepared by a chef known for embracing modern technology to better express his unique vision for the elaborate and canonized traditions of kaiseki meals. Have we mentioned we desperately want to be like Chef Yamamoto?

We were stopped on the way out of the restaurant because the staff said the Chef wanted to meet us. Yup that sounded as backward now as it felt at the time.

We were so inspired and energized after the trip, our whole outlook on cooking and food changed. Our playing in the kitchen took on new ambitions and urgency and became “experiments”. With interesting data came the natural urge to “publish”, which eventually led to our carving out this little niche on the Internet.

Without further ado, the most amazing meal we’ve ever had:

The plate was completely blank when we finished eating this amazing dish. Blank!

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