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Cừu ướp nước lựu / Lamb chops with pomegranate reduction

Oanh dreamt up this dish while we were brainstorming what to cook for her parents over Thanksgiving. We love lamb but it is a rarity in Vietnamese cooking and therefore always a novelty that we want to introduce to our parents. We’ve previously tried to pair lamb with tamarind, which were intriguing but could be improved. Pairing lamb with pomegranate produced a better blending of flavors while accentuating the flavor of the meat. We know the pairing worked because the chops were served to lamb skeptics and the plates were eaten clean even of the pomegranate reduction that was rich in lamb flavor.

Cừu ướp nước lựu / Lamb chops with pomegranate reduction (foreground)

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Memorial weekend BBQ

Select photos from the dishes we brought to a BBQ this weekend. Vegan dishes were first to go on the grill:

  • Squash blossoms stuffed with coconut flesh smeared with miso-sake-mirin sauce
  • Miso-glazed tofu
  • Vegan burgers: edamame, chickpeas, olive oil, shiitake and tree oyster mushrooms

Squash blossoms, coconut misozuke

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