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Thịt kho trong trái bí (caramelized pork braised in squash)

In Michigan these days, the farmers market stocks are dwindling save for vibrant, colorful displays of winter squash that we don’t know what to do with. Well, roasted squash is always delicious, but for the variety and abundance of squash available, more ought to be done with them. We finally got inspired by daetongbap / Korean rice cooked in bamboo and baked pumpkin oatmeal to make several dishes using the squash as the cooking vessel. Here we introduce a new dish: Thịt kho trong trái bí (Caramelized pork braised in squash). The rich pork flavor, caramelized coconut sugar, fish sauce, and spices permeate the squash while extracting from it a  smoky sweetness. The dish taste different and new yet comforting, containing within it home-for-the-holidays flavors both from the New World and the Old Country.

Thịt kho trong trái bí / Caramelized porked braised in squash : fresh from the oven

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First dinner with guest in West Ann Arbor on 10/23/10

Skate wing ceviche

Gỏi hến trộn mít non (baby clams & young jack fruit salad with rau om)

Hột vịt lộn

Thịt kho nước dừa (pork caramelized in coconut water in buttercup squash)

Cá kho trà (fish caramelized in barley tea in heart of gold squash)

Vịt tiềm (five-spice & medicinal herb duck soup in spaghetti squash)

Bún ốc (snail/whelk vermicelli soup)

Thơm sên nước dừa (pineapple cooked in coconut milk, served on tomato gel, topped with rau om)

Chè mùa thu (cốm (young rice), bamboo shoots cooked in coconut milk in sweet potato squash)

Honey-poached pears in muscat