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Spring fragrance

“You flaunted the fragrance of your blossoms” (Lilacs by Amy Lowell)

The lilac tree by the side of our house is in bloom and definitely has been flaunting the sweet fragrance at us every time we walked by. We really couldn’t help ourselves and had to find ways to capture this fragrance of spring in our cooking.


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Weekend food fun

Elaborations on our tweets:

We got together this weekend and worked on a number of dishes, some of which we tweeted about. Select pictures related to those tweets are below:

Weekend discovery #1:

Tea smoked chicken was great paired with oolong flavored xôi/sticky rice

Weekend discovery #2:

Yuzu-mắm tôm (fermented shrimp paste) stir-fry on crispy fried spaghetti squash

Weekend discovery #3:

When nem chua gather in groups, the proper collective noun is covey.

Weekend discovery #4:

Xôi lá dứa w dulce de leche From a street vendor in the Paris of South Amerasia


Xôi trà (tea-flavored sticky rice)

Xôi (steamed sticky rice) is most commonly served as plain rice embellished with other ingredients but there are a small number of recipes where the rice itself is flavored by being soaked in plant extracts.

xôi gấc

I was curious to see if that technique was generally applicable to any flavored liquid. As proof of concept, I wanted to see if soaking sticky rice in fragrant tea overnight would yield tea-flavored xôi. If successful, it would add innumerable possibilities to the long list of different types of xôi that already exists in Vietnamese cuisine. Continue reading to find out if the experiment worked